End of the Year Away

We are officially “back”, meaning that I’m no longer nomadic and staying in one place (KC is going to South Carolina for a month to volunteer with the disaster relief organization, All Hands Volunteers). This means I can get caught up on this blog and readjusting to the non-nomadic lifestyle.

Hiking in southern California

Hiking in southern California

After traveling the world, I hope that I can find a way to incorporate regular world travel into my life. There are many places we didn’t see and places that I wished we had more time to get to know the people and nature better. Our wanderlust has not been satiated. Who knows what the future holds.

You, reader, can expect more blog posts on the last year to come out soon. Please comment below if you have a question about our trip or if you want to request a specific post topic (best hikes, best beaches, what’s it like traveling for year… that kind of stuff).

One response to “End of the Year Away

  1. I want to know the things you learned this past year. Things you learned about yourself, relationships, life, and your role as daughter, friend and wife. :) Also I’d love to hear any crazy stories about 6foot tall birds or why it’s important to have WiFi and back things up. ;)


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