About Us

We sold our house, quit our jobs, packed up the car with camping supplies, and hit the road for twelve months. Why? To see and experience the world. You may notice as you explore the blog site that we love hot springs, hiking, rock climbing, and beer. Mostly, we love being in nature and helping people.

In the year of travel, we did a six month tour of North America (US, Canada, and the Caribbean), a three month tour of Europe, and a three month tour of Oceania and South Asia. You can see all the places we’ve been by month on our Travel Log page.

Sadly, the trip is over (as of April 1, 2016, boo!) and we are trying to get the blog caught up with all our adventures and lots of pictures (pictures are more fun than words anyways). We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we enjoyed having them.

With love,
Sarah and KC

On the boat ferry to our first destination: Santa Cruz Island

Flashback to Day 1 of our Trip (look, KC has no beard!!!!)

4 responses to “About Us

  1. we are so happy that you are going on this wonderful adventure have fun learn and come back with a true meaning of love and friendship


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