Trip Finances

For the curious, we are keeping a running record of our weekly spending. As some of you may know, we have a luxurious budget of $200/day, which includes everything – food, lodging, entertainment, etc. We also have money set aside for re-establishing ourselves after travel (not included on this page). The tables below show the last ten weeks. For complete tables, see our Budget Tables page.

The following table shows our average daily cost by the week. As of September 22, 2015, our average cost per day for all ten weeks is $166.51.

In addition to the daily costs, we have three additional expenses (that are included in our summary table on our US Budget Tables Page). These are the airplane tickets to Europe ($1475.75 under Travel), vaccines ($472 under Miscellaneous), and camper van rental ($4065.65 under Travel). Since these costs are not related to the daily travel costs across the US, they are not included in the average daily cost.

Table 1 – Average Daily Cost by the Week

Week Dates Weekly Total Cost Per Day Location
25 9/16/15 to 9/22/15 $1,097.39 $156.77 Visiting California Family
24 9/9/15 to 9/15/15 $640.80 $91.54 Visiting California Family
23 9/2/15 to 9/8/15 $866.72 $123.82 Death Valley, Visiting California Family
22 8/26/15 to 9/1/15 $1,235.25 $176.46 Mt. Ranier, Crater Lake, and East California
21 8/19/15 to 8/25/15 $1,502.41 $214.63 Squamish, Vancouver, and Gardiner, WA
20 8/12/15 to 8/18/15 $1,246.88 $178.13 Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Golden, and Okenangan
19 8/5/15 to 8/11/15 $1,201.15 $171.59 Montana and Alberta, Canada
18 7/29/15 to 8/4/15 $997.66 $142.52 South Dakota and Wyoming
17 7/22/15 to 7/28/15 $1,798.80 $256.97 Niagra, Cleveland, Chicago, Wisconsin
16 7/15/15 to 7/21/15 $1,596.90 $228.13 Eastern Canada

Here’s a short description of each category:

Food: All meals, snacks, coffee, drinks with meals, and ice (for the cooler).

Entertainment: This category includes any purchases related to entertainment, such as movie tickets, tour tickets, museum tickets, hot springs admissions, books, or any other such expenses. Also, all specialty food for an area, typically candy, bakery item, alcohol, coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages purchased separate from a meal are included in this category.

Lodging: Hotel or camping related costs.

Gas: Costs related to car gas (a specific type of travel expense).

Travel: Travel costs, such as ferry tickets, airplane tickets, parking tickets, tolls, or any other travel related expense, except for gas.

Misc: This includes all other expenses not covered by other categories. This includes car registration, clothing, gifts for family, equipment costs, hair cuts, donations, and other such items.

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