Oregon Coast has Cheese

Oregon has some serious cheese. While traveling up the coast KC and I came across two valleys that are serious about their dairy products. The first was Face Rock Creamery, in Bandon, Oregon and the other was Tillamook Cheeses. Since Tillamook is commonplace, even for a Californian, this post will be about Face Rock Creamery. We stumbled across this creamery when we were on our way from Cape Blanco to Cape Lookout and we were curious, so we pulled in. This was a two-story building, with glass walls separating the cheese production from the store. The store is decorated with a rustic artsy d├ęcor with a second story dinning area. Throughout the store were samples of the cheese, from sharp tangy cheddars to sweet spreadable goat cheeses. Best of all were the freshly made white cheddar cheese curds. Besides freshly made cheeses, the Face Rock Creamery also had some stellar ice cream and paninis.

The Face Rock Creamery factory

The Face Rock Creamery factory

Aged White Cheddar

Aged White Cheddar

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