Meeting Strangers on the Road

This is Part 4 of a four-part series of relationships on the road. You can read Part 1 on marriage, Part 2 on Family, and Part 4 on Friends. 

We’ve been busy in Europe (you can check out a short recap video on our European Travels), so this last part of the relationship series is a little delayed. This will also be a short one, since we need to catch an airplane to our next region of the world to explore: Oceana.

I consider myself a social introvert, meaning that I can and, at times, like to be social, but generally like being by myself and usually find social situations where I meet new people a bit stressful. I tend to overthink what I say, what I wear, and my overall image (especially in business related situations). In our travels, knowing that many people we will most likely never see or hear from again, makes meeting new people a lot less stressful because I’m not as concerned by what they think of me and relax.

The start of the famous Narrows Hike

KC walks with a new friend we just met that morning

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