Awesome Beer Place in Florida – The Riverside Market Cafe

They have craft beer from all over the country!

Inside the Riverside Market Cafe

On the day that we left the cruise ship, we wandered around the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area with KC’s parents (see pictures below) and stumbled upon the Riverside Market Cafe, a hole-in-the-wall nestled in a residential neighborhood. KC found the Riverside Market Cafe by searching Yelp for good place to get some beer. Walking into the cafe, we saw that they had refrigerator units lining all of one wall and part of the back wall, all filled with different types of craft beer from around the country. This was indeed the place to try and find different types of beer.

Oh the beer!

Oh the beer!

We spent some time looking through all the different cases at all the different types of beers, organized by region. Perhaps choosing a beer might have been overwhelming, except we had our road trip rule: drink beer from the region we are visiting. This simplified our beer hunt. After finding the local section on the back wall, KC and I choose two different beer types for ourselves and a couple for his parents before sitting down at the table.

Along with a mind-blowing selection of craft beer from around the country, the cafe offered a selection of soups, salads, and pizzas to accompany their beers. We ordered some food and sipped our beers. As a side note, I will add the food was ok, but the reason we were there was to try the beer and the cafe more than delivered on the beer. After the first beer, we picked out a different second beer from the local selection, trying four different types of beer while we ate dinner. I stared around, trying to think how much time it would take to work our way around their selection. In a way, we are accomplishing that with our road trip by trying local beers as we travel around the US and Canada. That’s a lot of beer to try. However, for our stay in Florida, this was truly a gem we found and I wished that we found it sooner.

More Information

You can find more information about the Riverside Market Cafe on or Yelp. Other pictures from our wanderings around Ft Lauderdale and Miami are below or you can check our out Family and Friends in Florida Photo Journal Page.

South Beach!

My first time at South Beach!

South Beach group picture

South Beach group picture

A lighthouse in the state park

The palm trees make it a Florida Lighthouse

KC taking a picture with his mom at the light house

Bev and KC at the lighthouse

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  1. I am really glad that we were able to spend the extra time together before and after the cruise, we had a lot of fun/1


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