Good Times in Florida Part 2: More Beach, Sailing, and Outdoor Art

Continued from Part 1


On the catamaran

On the catamaran

The day after the Everglades, KC’s parents, KC, and I went sailing on a catamaran to a fun snorkel spot just off the Ft Lauderdale beach. This was the first time I had been on a catamaran and the first time since I was a kid that I had snorkeled.

Crossing under the bridge on the catamaran

Crossing under the bridge on the catamaran

The water was the perfect temperature and the views of the shore were amazing.

Views of Ft Lauderdale from the Catamaran

Yes, the water was really that blue and inviting

KC is a certified rescue diver and can swim in the water better than some fish. I, on the other hand, consider it a good day if I don’t panic while in the ocean water. Still KC got me to put on the snorkel and try swimming in the water.

KC is ready to snorkel off the Ft Lauderdale Coast

KC is ready to snorkel 


Hanging Out with Chris

When we weren’t with KC’s parents, we were with Chris, one of KC’s good friends from college. Our first day in Florida, he took us to his local bar and introduced us to his friends and the second day, after the Everglades, at KC’s request, he took us to one of his favorite beaches with his girlfriend.

Group selfie at the beach

Group selfie!

It was another great afternoon on the beach.

Nothing like a beach day

Relaxing on the beach

One the way to dinner, he showed us the local statue of a Pegasus and dragon battling in front of a shopping center.

Nothing like a giant pegasus and dragon battle in front of a shopping center

Nothing says “shop here” like a giant Pegasus and dragon battle 


Beer and Art

Wandering around the artsy Textile District

Wandering around the warehouse district

On our last night in Ft Lauderdale, he took us to an warehouse district somewhere in Miami to see some cool art. The first stop was at a local brewery, where we got to try craft Floridian beer.

At the Wynwood Brewery

Wynwood Brewing

Then we continued on to the Wynwood Walls, an outdoor art museum of sorts. Below are some pictures of the art.

The Mural Art

The mural art in a courtyard

Up close on one the murals, artist unknown

Up close on one the murals, artist unknown

KC, Chris, and Krystal goofing off surrounded by art.

Friends goofing off surrounded by art.

The clouds that night were crazy.

Crazy clouds in the sky above the murals

Crazy clouds in the sky above the murals

KC even felt inspired by all the art to take an artistic photograph of me along one of the alleys.

KC wanted an artsy photo of me

Being a model in a dark alley way

We said good night sometime after midnight,  wandering around the art feeling more like a dream than reality. KC and I had a great time visiting with Chris and it made me happy to see the two friends reconnecting, as if there weren’t thousands of miles typically between them. Again, I felt myself grateful that we could travel around the country and see friends that are separated from us by distance. Here is one of the great joys of this trip: watching the distance melt away as we embrace our friends.


For More Information

You can check out more information about the Wynwood Murals at

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