Oregon Hot Springs

Old Tree Stumps near a Lake in Oregon

Views from the road in Oregon, near the hot springs

KC loves hot springs and knowing that Oregon has hot springs, KC arranged a night for us at the Breitenbush Hot Springs.

Our room at the Breitenbush retreat center

Our room at the Breitenbush retreat center

We stayed one night, soaking in the hot water, eating vegetarian food (the Breitenbush owners serve either vegetarian or vegan food), and hiking around the Mt. Hood National Forest. This was a welcome detox after KC and I walked around Portland, trying beer and food.

A non-bathing hot spring

A non-bathing hot spring at Breitenbush

Unlike most hot springs we have visited, the Breitenbush Hot Springs were a developed resort and with a community built up around them. There were three natural pools, four built tubs with natural hot springs water, and a hot spring sauna that sits on top of a hot springs creek. Both the resort and community use water from the nearby river to generate electricity and use geothermal heat exchangers to heat all their buildings. To my excitement, they even offered us a your of their infrastructure. Despite the hippie-dippie feel of the place, the resort was a great place to relax, and unwind from traveling and seeing the city.

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