Beaches Part 2: Those Caribbean Beaches

This is Part 2 of the Beaches post series. Check out Part 1.

It’s the first day back after a short fourth of July holiday and I found myself daydreaming of some of the beaches in the Caribbean. For two weeks in late May and early June 2015, we spent our time in the Caribbean. The first week on a cruise ship with our extended families traveling to Puerto Rico (we didn’t see the beach in Puerto Rico), St Kitts, and St Martin. After a week with the family we had some alone time in Cancun.

St Martin

The beach on the french side of St Martins

The French side of St Martin

It was a hot and humid day and the water looked inviting. We set our day packs down on a pair of chairs, stripped to our bathing suits, jumped over the seaweed and walked into the water. While not cold, the water was refreshing. Small waves lapped against my body and I could down to my toes. Small fish darted around in the water and I floated, relishing the warm touch of the sun on my skin and the cool water caressing me as I floated.

St Kitts

The lava rocks along a beach on St Kitts

A perfect Caribbean Beach!

Well, not all Caribbean beaches are white sand and peaceful water…

The swimming beach at St Kitts

Actually, this beach was amazing.

A little bit further down the road from the rugged lava tubes was this white and black sand beach. Like the beach from St. Martin, the sand, sun, and water, were also in fabulous proportions. Just another day traveling.


I couldn't believe how blue the ocean was

How awesome is this water?

Cancun has the white sand beach that resides in the subconscious of every beach lover. Just look at the color of the ocean water!

We found an empty beach to enjoy!

White sands and blue water!

We found this beach perfectly abandoned on Isla Mujeres, an island just off the coast of Cancun. The weather was hot and humid, which made the water that much more blissful.  As you walk into the water, it wicks away the hot sticky air and cools off the skin. With no one around, this beach truly looked like the type of beach paradise you could only dream about.

Rocky beaches on the north east side, facing open ocean

Not all perfect beaches

How quickly the terrain changes! Instead of admiring the sand and the accessibility to the water, I find myself admiring ruggedness of the shore, scrambling over slowly eroded rocks, trying to get a better look.

Sunset heading back to the hotel

Phenomenal beach sunset

Nothing like a beach sunset…

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